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Overview of New Jersey's Legislative Process

The New Jersey legislative process is the journey proposed laws must go through to become official statutes that govern the state. While it may be hard to navigate on your own, CLB Partners is here to provide a simplified overv...
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Building Blocks of a Successful Advocacy Campaign

At CLB Partners, we recognize that advocacy isn’t just about speaking up; it's about being the catalyst for change in the areas that matter most. Understanding the building blocks of a successful advocacy campaign is ...
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Contacting Your New Jersey Elected Officials

New Jersey residents have elected officials representing them at every level of government. New Jerseyans can email, call, or write to their elected officials for many reasons, such as to express support or opposition to legislati...
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The Importance of an Experienced Spokesperson

From speaking at press conferences to fielding inquiries from the public or press, having a polished and experienced spokesperson is an invaluable asset to represent you, your company, and your objectives professionally.  ...
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Why Local Governments Should Hire a Government Relations Firm

Local governments across the country are on the frontline of addressing the challenges and opportunities their communities face. By working with an experienced government relations firm, local officials can enhance their capacity ...
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What Is the Difference Between Earned and Paid Media?

The world of marketing is vast and ever-evolving, with many strategies to choose from. Two common strategies are earned media and paid media - but what exactly are the differences between these approaches? How do they help with vi...
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Your Guide to New Jersey Government

As one of the original thirteen colonies, New Jersey declared itself an independent state in 1776 and created its own form of government. Nearly 245 years later, New Jersey’s government is a similar yet modified version of i...
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The Future of Clean Energy in New Jersey

The Beginning of Clean Energy in New Jersey On February 9, 1999, New Jersey became one of the first states to establish a green initiative with the Electric Discount and Energy Competition Act. This Act was signed into law to f...
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Update: NJ Legalization of Adult-Use Cannabis

Written by Jonathan Boguchwal, Partner, CLB Partners Since New Jersey voters approved the November 2020 ballot measure to legalize NJ recreational marijuana for adult-use; the legislature passed the law to legalize it and Gover...
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What a Biden Administration Means for New Jersey

Written by Jonathan Boguchwal, Partner, CLB Partners While on the campaign trail, Joe Biden touted an agenda focused on unity and recovery in the aftermath of a divisive presidency and a global pandemic. As President-Elect, Bid...
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How Nonprofits in New Jersey Can Learn From COVID

It’s impossible to find an industry or sector that COVID did not impact in one way or another, and nonprofits in New Jersey and throughout the country were no different. COVID exacerbated the need for essential services, ove...
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Highlights from Governor Murphy's Budget for 2022

Highlights from Governor Murphy’s Budget for 2022 Written by Jonathan Boguchwal, Partner, CLB Partners New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy recently presented the Fiscal Year 2022 NJ state budget, “Investing in a Stro...
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Celebrating Women's History Month

Written by Karen Kominsky, Partner, CLB Partners Women's History Month is a momentous occasion to reflect on how far we have come as a country and appreciate the empowering women who came before us. Politics is an industry ...
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Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Government Relations Firm

All businesses, organizations, and associations can benefit from hiring a top NJ government relations firm and having a voice in Trenton. CLB Partners serves as a vital link between our clients and government, making sure their vo...
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Grassroots vs. Grasstops Advocacy

Advocacy, perhaps one of the most well-known terms in the political sphere, is defined as the act or process of supporting a cause or proposal. Local governments, companies, organizations, and associations across all industri...
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New Jersey 2020 Election Recap

On November 4, 2020, eyes were glued to TV screens across the country, eagerly waiting for polls to close and election results roll in. New Jerseyans should be proud of the example our state set for the rest of the country with re...
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The Importance of Government Relations During COVID

Once New Jersey was hit with the coronavirus, it took just over a week to jump from the first positive case to the first death. Like the rest of the country, New Jersey had to drastically pivot in a way no one predicted.  ...
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Turning Political Hot Topics Into PR Goals

In 2008, Barack Obama, a relatively unknown political prospect, was catapulted into the spotlight, landing at the front steps of the White House. The team behind Obama's overnight stardom understood the inherent linkage betwee...
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