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Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Government Relations Firm

Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Government Relations Firm

All businesses, organizations, and associations can benefit from hiring a top NJ government relations firm and having a voice in Trenton. CLB Partners serves as a vital link between our clients and government, making sure their voice is heard by the most influential policymakers in New Jersey. Our firm has been at the forefront of the debate on local, state, and national issues, including:

  • Education    
  • Construction and Engineering
  • Insurance
  • Energy and Environment
  • Financial Services
  • Adult-Use Recreational Marijuana
  • Economic Development
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
  • Gaming and Entertainment
  • County and Local Government
  • Telecommunications
  • Regulated Affairs
  •  Infrastructure  
  • Technology
  • Procurement  
  • Tourism 
  • Transportation  
  • Union Representation

All across the country, government relations firms are hired by entities of all sizes, from individuals and non-profit organizations to large corporations, because they have an agenda and know that they need expert guidance to accomplish their goals. There are many reasons why hiring a government relations firm is in your best interest, with the top five reasons listed below. 

1)    Knowledge of the Process 
As public policy and government become increasingly more complicated, it's helpful to have guidance from experts that know how to navigate the complex system. The United States is regulated by hundreds of federal agencies, departments, and commissions with different rules and policies of their own. 

There are over 475 state and local agencies, boards, commissions, and authorities spread out across 565 municipalities in New Jersey alone, each with its own set of policies and procedures. In addition to the executive branch and appointed positions, 40 Members of the New Jersey State Senate were assigned to 19 committees, and 80 Representatives of the New Jersey State House assigned to 29 committees. 

Our team members have decades of experience working in government and know how to navigate the different bureaucracy levels. We have studied and seen firsthand legislation pass and fail, equipping us with the knowledge to avoid these pitfalls for our clients and the expertise to craft the most successful of strategies. 

2)    Relationships 
Getting access to the right people can be difficult, but not for our clients. Our team has established bi-partisan relationships with key officials throughout state and local departments, agencies, boards, commissions, the NJ legislature, and the Governor's office. Successful lobbyists spend years building their reputation, establishing their trustworthiness, and forming long-lasting relationships. As a result, we have direct access for our clients and can quickly navigate all government levels, putting you in the strongest position for success.

Working with a top NJ government relations firm also helps establish your reputation. When you walk into a meeting with an elected official accompanied by a CLB team member the elected official knows and respects, it lends credibility to you and your mission.

3)    Defining the Ask 
When people hear “government relations,” the first thing that usually comes to mind is legislation. However, it is important to note that legislation can’t solve every issue, just like elected officials don’t have jurisdiction over everything that happens in New Jersey. We vote for elected officials to represent our interests in Trenton, but the legislature's resources and power are limited in scope. Solving an issue or problem through government can be challenging, which is why it is important to make sure your ask is targeted in scope and directed to the appropriate person. 

Targeted in Scope
It is important that your ask is realistic and targeted in scope. For example, if you are a non-profit organization that wants to eradicate homelessness in New Jersey, your ask can’t be to “eradicate homelessness.” CLB Partners can make suggestions and help you formulate the right ask, such as funding for a new youth homeless shelter in a high-risk area. We can also develop a long-term strategy to accomplish multiple goals and seek funding from multiple sources. 

Appropriate Person
You don't want to waste your time and resources in Trenton when your issue falls under your city council's jurisdiction. Similarly, you don't want to be calling and writing your Congressman over problems with state regulations. Reaching out to the appropriate person from the beginning will save you time and money. 

4)    Results
CLB Partners is successful because we get results for our clients. Plain and simple. Our knowledge of the process, decades of relationship building, and experience create the winning formula to accomplish your objectives. 

We reach the right decision-makers on a client's behalf, formulate requests, organize supporting coalitions, engage elected officials to sponsor and promote their request, and fight to make sure their funding, policy initiative, or project is successful.

5)    Cost-Effective
Last but not least, hiring a government relations firm is extremely cost-effective. When you look at the myriad of services CLB Partners offers, it would require an entire in-house department to fulfill the same services at an organization, association, or company. A successful government relations campaign might include a combination of advocacy, communications, public relations, earned and paid media, coalition building, and much more. With a government relations firm, you can benefit from all of the best practices without hiring an employee for each role. 

CLB Partners is ready to create an individualized and strategic plan that covers the tiniest of details so you can focus on the big picture. This includes:

  • Departmental and Governor’s Office Representation
  • Federal Affairs Guidance and Strategy
  • Legislative and Regulatory Drafting of Proposals and Amendments
  • Legislative Tracking and Advocacy 
  • Regulatory Tracking 
  • Stakeholder and Key Personnel Engagement 
  • Guidance and Management for Advocacy Campaigns
  • Strategic Action Plans for Industry Leaders
  • Targeted Engagement of Influencers
  • Editorial Board and Media Training Guidance
  • Spokesperson Services
  • Event Planning
  • Crisis Communication Advising 

It's important to remember that hiring a top NJ government affairs firm is not only cost-effective but comes with many benefits that you are unable to buy. The CLB Partners team has unparalleled knowledge of the process, relationships with key decision-makers, and the ability to help you formulate a realistic and targeted ask based on your objectives. Most importantly, our team will deliver the results you are looking for. 

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