CLB Partners Business Development

We understand that business development means telling your story to the right audience at the right time. We engage with key staff and principals to understand the services sought after and create a dialogue to ensure that our clients' stories and products are front and center when it matters most. We have worked with procurement offices at the state, county, and local levels and have the experience to guide you through any situation.

State, County, and Local Procurement Guidance

When it comes to procurement and contracting, it is essential to abide by all laws, policies, and procedures laid out by municipalities, counties, and the state. CLB Partners can educate you on current regulations, update you when changes are made, and work on your behalf with government agencies. We can also help you avoid problems and mistakes or help rectify situations if one does arise. Procurement and development are an essential part of every business, and we are here to guide you through the complicated nature.  CLB Partners will provide you with the history, background, and objectives of the awarding governmental agency to best position you to partake in any application process successfully. 

Representation in front of Municipal and County Government

It can be hard for a business to effectively navigate through the 565 municipalities and 21 counties in New Jersey. CLB Partners works with elected officials, administrators, and boards throughout the state to help clients expand business opportunities, work through obstacles that arise with current projects, and assist with developing staff and community relationships.

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