CLB Partners Government Affairs Services

With years of experience serving in executive positions in the governor's office, legislature, departments, and political campaigns, CLB Partners is uniquely positioned to provide unparalleled representation to meet your objectives successfully. Our in-depth understanding of the governmental process and established relationships with key decision-makers allows us to navigate any issue through the government, whether at the state, county, or local level.

Departmental and Governor's Office Representation

Getting access to the right people in the Governor's office and over 70 state departments, agencies, and commissions is crucial to communicate your issue. Our team has established bi-partisan relationships with key officials in each of these offices throughout our years of experience. As a result, we have direct access for our clients and can quickly navigate all government levels, putting you in the strongest position for success.

Federal Affairs Guidance and Strategies

As public policy and government become increasingly more complicated, it's helpful to have guidance from experts that know how to navigate the complex system. The United States is regulated by hundreds of federal agencies, departments, and commissions with different rules and policies of their own. Our team is here to do the hard work for you and achieve results under the most challenging circumstances.

Legislative and Regulatory Drafting of Proposals and Amendments

With experiencing writing legislation, regulations, and directives, our team is skilled in crafting the right language to achieve your objective.

Legislative Tracking and Advocacy

Legislation is passed every year that can be significantly helpful or detrimental to certain parties. CLB Partners has established relationships with key decision-makers to work on your behalf and either support beneficial legislation or prevent adverse legislation from moving through the process. When you are a client, we will work vigorously to protect your interests. That includes strictly monitoring, in real-time, all agendas, drafts, and introductions to keep you apprised of any issue and track it as it moves through the political process to completion.

Municipal and County Representation

CLB Partners would be proud to represent your county or municipality. Many local governments hire New Jersey government affairs firms to ensure their priorities are protected and promoted in Trenton, whether that be legislation, regulations, or guidance on available grant opportunities. We are here to be the bridge between your town, county, or agency and Trenton. Our team is also happy to help plan events such as lobbying days in Trenton and schedule meetings with your representatives.

Procurement Guidance

When it comes to procurement, it is essential to abide by all laws, policies, and procedures laid out by government agencies at different levels. CLB Partners can educate you on current laws and regulations, update you when changes are made, and liaise on your behalf with government agencies. We can also help you avoid problems and mistakes or help rectify situations if one does arise. Procurement and development are an essential part of every business, and we are here to guide you through the complicated process.

Regulatory Tracking

Our office closely tracks proposed regulations and changes to rules that have the potential to affect our clients. We will work with you to identify potential issues and develop a strategy to support or oppose the change.

Stakeholder and Key Personnel Engagement

Having the support and engagement from stakeholders and key personnel can go a long way when trying to accomplish political objectives. Elected officials are more likely to listen to a campaign with a big network of supporters, and we can help get them engaged. We also use our established relationships to reach out to key personnel to get them on board and advocate on your behalf.

State Budget Strategies

The state budget is the single most important document each year in government. CLB Partners understands that fighting for funding or preventing a cut can be the difference between a program or company surviving or failing. We help our clients develop strategies that start months before the state budget is signed. We reach the right decision-makers on a client's behalf, formulate requests, organize supporting coalitions, engage elected officials to sponsor and promote their request, and fight to make sure their funding, policy initiative, or project is included in the final budget.

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