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It is the campaign that rises above the noise of modern discourse that succeeds in its objectives. We know the issues and the key voices that set policy debates and influence organizations and decision-makers. Working with these trusted influencers, we will assist in setting the agenda and strengthening your policy goals.

Develop Strategic Action Plans for Industry Leaders

Having an industry leader or a large group of like-minded businesses on your side adds prominence and credibility to your mission that will help you stand out from your competition.

An industry leader is one that is poised to help set the agenda on political matters, offer insider advice, and speak on your behalf with an incredible amount of influence. An industry leader could also be a keynote speaker for an event, teach a training course to your volunteers, or build momentum for your cause.

Like-minded businesses can engage in coordinated action and communication plans to showcase the strength behind any issue. These groups can also serve as industry validators for the issue or cause you are trying to promote.

Thanks to our relationship with many high-profile leaders and organizations, CLB Partners is in a unique position to make introductions on your behalf and develop a strategic plan for ultimate success. We have secured incredible experts and industry leaders for our clients to highlight events, promote their causes, and advocate on their behalf.

Targeted Engagement of Influencers

Despite a generational gap, children tend to grow up and vote like their parents because of direct and indirect influence. Similarly, there are people in your life, whether you realize it or not, that influence you. Celebrities and famous individuals used to be some of the biggest influencers, but almost anyone can become an influencer with the right strategy in the new digital age. However, the new digital age also creates the problem of changing who the biggest influencers are day-to-day, so it's important to regularly research who's who of your subject matter.

When it comes to politics, if an influencer announces support or opposition for a social or political objective, their followers can become motivated or influenced to feel the same way. Time and time again, CLB Partners has created outreach efforts that effectively develop and target influencers to promote various campaigns. By targeting influencers, you have the opportunity to reach many people that you might not have had otherwise.

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